Pennsylvania’s relocation statute can impact a move

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Like many other states, Pennsylvania has a rule that requires parents who are subject to custody orders must get permission from the appropriate court before they relocate.

Among others, the relocation law can affect those who have gone through a divorce and have minor children or who are subject to a paternity order.

It is very important for residents of the Altoona area follow these rules. If they fail to do so, then it is possible that the judge overseeing the child custody case will consider the violation when making her decision.

Additionally, the judge may punish the violator for contempt or require him to pay the other side’s expenses and attorney fees.

The rules do not apply to all moves because not all moves are considered “relocations”. Only a move that makes it harder for a parent to visit her child is a relocation; a simple move to another part of the same neighborhood likely does not count.

Ordinarily, a person who wants to relocate with her kids will have to give the other parent 60 days of notice. The notice is supposed to include several additional details, such as the new address and a proposed revised parenting plan.

If the other parent does not respond to the notice 30 days after receiving it, then the parent who wants to move may usually do so once he files paperwork with the court..

On the other hand, if the other parent files the appropriate objection, then the court will have to hold a hearing and decide whether or not to allow the relocation.

The court must consider a number of factors when doing so, but the upshot is that the court must decide whether it is best for the child to move and, if so, whether the court needs to make changes to its current custody orders.

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