How to pick a post-divorce custody transfer location

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If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have had an acrimonious marriage, you may be looking forward to your divorce. Nevertheless, because you have agreed to a co-parenting arrangement, you simply cannot cut your current husband or wife out of your life forever. After all, you must see your former spouse when you swap the kids at the beginnings and ends of your parenting time. 

Exchanging the kids at either your house or your ex-spouse’s new residence may be a recipe for disaster. To minimize conflict, negotiate or mediate a neutral transfer site and include it in your custody agreement or parenting plan. 

Find a safe spot

Safety is your paramount concern when selecting a custody transfer site. To pick a safe spot, you must think about the timing of your transfer. If it occurs in the evening, you probably want a bright location in a populated area. You also want a spot that works as well in cold winter months as it does in the summer. 

Think about convenience

You do not want to cut into your parenting time by wasting time commuting to and from the transfer location. Consequently, you probably want to select a spot that is convenient for both you and your former spouse. Choosing a location that is roughly equidistant between your two residences may make sense. 

Have a backup location

Even the best custody transfer sites may become impractical due to road construction, inclement weather or other reasons. Therefore, you should put a backup location in your custody agreement or parenting plan. Like your primary transfer site, this location should be safe and convenient. 

Ultimately, any effort you put into choosing the right transfer site and backup location is likely to benefit you by reducing future friction with your ex-spouse. 

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