Divorce rates start climbing after trending down

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With the challenges of 2020, many couples faced stressors they never anticipated. Is it any wonder that the number of divorce filings is now rising?

After a slight decrease in the divorce rate, the numbers in 2021 are trending up. Find out about the driving force behind this increase.

Too much time together

Not too long ago, stressed couples may have said that their marriage was faltering due to a lack of time together. Between careers, children and other demands, time together was fleeting. However, 2020 changed all of that, and now the opposite seems true. Some couples filing for divorce now say that all the time together has strained their relationship.

Inequitable child care woes

The disparity between family responsibility may play a part in the increased divorce filings this year versus last year. During a year when many children had no outside school or playdates, spouses had to plan their at-home workdays around the children’s virtual schooling. When one spouse felt more responsible for handling this, it stressed an already difficult time.

Feelings of regret surface

All the time away from others forced people to reflect on their lives and their achievements. This may have caused some to shift their priorities to living out dreams and seeking new opportunities that may not jive well with a relationship. Spouses who regret sacrificing career and personal goals may decide to divorce and move forward to pursue their passion.

As 2021 comes to a close, couples who did not flourish over the past couple of years may find themselves calling it quits. While some marriages became stronger and happier amid the chaos, others fell apart and suffered irreparable damage.

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