When are parental rights terminated?

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When couples divorce, children are often a primary concern. Loving mothers and fathers fight to have as much time with their little ones as possible.

Still, termination of parental rights is possible under varying circumstances. It may be worthwhile to understand what avenues can lead to this consequence.

Voluntary termination

While most never willingly sacrifice their parental rights, some do. A psychological condition or drug addiction sometimes makes letting go the best decision. Someone might recognize an inability to handle the duties of parenting. Additionally, voluntary termination often makes sense when a stepparent wants to adopt.

Involuntary termination

Many reasons exist why someone could lose parenting rights. One is if the person fails to act as an adequate caregiver for six months or longer. The specific definition of what this means remains open to interpretation. Convincing a judge that an accusation remains unfounded can be a Herculean task.

Courts remove children from their parents due to behavior that puts little ones at risk. After a certain period, authorities determine whether the conduct no longer exists. If it does, parental rights are often in jeopardy.

Criminal convictions potentially lead to the rescinding of parental rights. Violent crimes have a way of tipping rulings against someone. For instance, a history of aggravated assault sends alarm bells ringing. The advice of a legal professional may be necessary to blunt the negative impact of having a rap sheet.

Parenting rights disappear under certain conditions. Awareness of the scenarios that result in such an outcome can help avoid such a fate.

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