Why Should You Establish A Will?

As you consider creating an estate plan, one of the first decisions that you will make is how to preserve your assets, protect your family legacy and document your wishes.

At Haberstroh, Sullivan & George, LLP, our team will partner with you to learn your circumstances and recommend a strategy that offers maximum benefit. Each family’s situation is unique and demands individualized attention to best serve your estate planning goals.

The Benefits Of Creating A Will

Wills are customized to match your lifestyle, property holdings and goals. We can help you create a will that:

  • Names beneficiaries for your assets once you die
  • Documents personal preferences
  • Selects an executor of your estate
  • Establishes guardianships for your children

Once you complete your will, it is not permanent. You can revise your existing will at any time. We also recommend revisiting your will every few years to ensure that it is up to date and meeting your evolving needs.

We will help you make the right decisions for your family, both with creating a will and implementing other estate planning tools. Put our experience to good use. We welcome all questions and are ready to provide the thorough advice you need.

Contact Us To Learn How A Will Can Help You

Our lawyers can explain how creating a will can benefit your family. We know that this process can seem overwhelming, as there are many options to consider. We will walk you through the steps and explain the long-term tax and financial implications of each decision.

Each of our partners has over 25 years of experience. We understand the complexities of estate planning and how we can best meet your family’s needs.

Contact us online, or call our offices to schedule a consultation. You can reach our Altoona office at 814-201-6263 or our Martinsburg office at 814-201-6838.