Creating Fair And Equitable Child Support Agreements

The best interests of the child often get lost when divorce proceedings become contentious. Child support payments are not a punishment, but a parental duty. At Haberstroh, Sullivan & George, LLP, we have helped families through the difficult process of divorce for decades. We know how to guide the conversation and ensure that your child support agreement is as fair as possible for you, your children and your ex-spouse.

Determining Child Support Payments In Pennsylvania

The basic formula for determining child support in Pennsylvania is based on paying a per-child percentage of your take home pay. This generally means that the spouse who makes more money pays more child support. However, there are a lot of issues and situations that can influence that basic calculation. Some of the things that affect child support payment calculations include:

  • Specifics of the custody agreement
  • High income parents
  • Medical expenses
  • Day care expenses
  • Multiple families
  • Alimony

Having experienced family law attorneys who understand the complexities calculating child support payments can be critical to coming to a fair and equitable child support payment.

Child Support Enforcements And Modifications

As your children grow, their needs change and your child support agreement may need to be modified to address those changes. You may want to request a child support modification if your income or the income of your ex-spouse has changed. Child support modifications are common and expected. We can help you determine how your change in circumstances will affect your child support payments and file the appropriate documents with the court.

If you are struggling to get your ex-spouse to make court-ordered child support payments, we can help you collect your past-due payments. The court has several methods for collecting unpaid child support and enforcing future payments. Garnishing an ex-spouse’s wages is the most common form of enforcement, but the courts can also garnish tax returns and file liens against property and other assets of value.

Contact Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys

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