A Team With Extensive Experience In Complex Property Division

Regardless of whether you are negotiating, mediating or litigating your divorce, you will face the complexities of property division. While you can choose to reach an agreement without trial, certain state laws will apply if you do take your case to court.

With over a century of combined experience, the divorce lawyers at Haberstroh, Sullivan & George, LLP, know how to navigate the challenges of divorce cases. We collaborate to bring our clients solutions for their divorce, including solving issues involving real estate and other property.

How Pennsylvania’s Divorce Laws Work

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means that the court divides jointly-owned marital property according to what is fair – not necessarily what is equal. Many divorced spouses do not walk away with an even 50-50 share.

However, you might be able to keep certain accounts and items out of this process entirely. Some types of property might be classified as separate property rather than marital property. Separate property could include student loan debt, inheritance and any assets that you named as separate in a prenuptial agreement. Our lawyers can ensure that your separate property is safe from the divorce process.

Because property division is highly nuanced, it is important to work with a thorough attorney. We understand how to reach a fair result and protect your interests.

Achieve A Fair Award With Comprehensive Counsel

Factors that can influence your divorce settlement can include:

  • How long you were married before the divorce
  • Each person’s earning potential, capability to work and other economic factors
  • Each person’s health and unique needs, such as care for a disability or serious condition
  • Whether one or both parents have custody of the children as well as the needs of the children
  • The parties’ lifestyle before the divorce, which is also known as the “standard of living”

As your lawyers, we can work to maximize the property you receive by highlighting your financial needs or limitations. We can also work to uncover hidden assets, facilitate the process of distributing or transferring assets, and help you with other divorce and family law concerns.

Preparation Can Make A Difference

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